Take Live Chats On Your Mobile Phone

IM Integration for Taking Live Chats On iOS and Android Phones

3 Simple Steps to Configure Live Chat On Your Phone

  1. Configure your Chatnox IM id.
  2. Download and install Trillian on your iPhone or Android device.
  3. Log-in to Trillian on your phone and connect your Chatnox IM!

Step-by-Step Instructions

Learn how to configure Live Chat with Trillian IM on your Mobile Phone.

1. Configure your Chatnox IM address

To configure your Chatnox IM address, login-to you Chatnox Live Chat account and click on the Configure IM option that’s available in the Manage Menu.

Choose a memorable user name and click on Configure. Your new IM id looks something like yourname@im.chatnox.com.

We will use this in the next steps to connect with your Trillian app.

2. Login to Trillian app with a Trillian ID and Password

To use Trillian, you will first need to login to the app using a Trillian ID and Password. You can sign-up from a Free Trillian ID on the app directly and login to it.

Please ensure you remember this id and password for future if you need to login to another device.

3. Connect your Chatnox account

  • In Trillian, click on IM Accounts and the choose Add New Account.
  • Choose account type as XMPP/Jabber.
  • Enter your Chatnox IM address that you configured earlier and your Chatnox Password.
  • You do not need to specify any other settings here. Click on Finish and your Chatnox Account is connected to Trillian.
  • Go back to Trillian Settings and disable ‘Away on Close’
  • To ensure you get chats on Trillian, you should not be logged on to your desktop at the same time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about taking live chats on your mobile IM.

What is Live Chat on Mobile IM?
You will be able to live chat with your website visitors using an Instant Messaging app on your mobile device.

Is Trillian Free to Use?
Yes, Trillian is Free both on Android and iOS.

What happens if I am logged on to both Trillian and Desktop Browser?
If you are logged on to both Trillian and the desktop app, the chats will always go to your desktop browser only.

Will I get notified of chats when I’m not looking at my phone?
Yes, the Trillian app sends you Push notifications and optionally you can set up custom tones to get notified of live chat messages.

Why Can’t I connect to Trillian with my Chatnox id and password.
Please ensure you first register for a new Trillian ID and password to login to Trillian and only then add your Chatnox IM account.

Will my chat shortcuts work on Trillian?
Yes, you can type your chat shortcuts just like you do on the desktop app.

How do I end a chat?
To end a chat, simply type ‘/bye’.

In my Trillian contacts, I see WebVisitor1, WebVisitor2, WebVisitor3, WebVisitor4, WebVisitor5.
These are chat bots and they are responsible for connecting you to your visitors. You should never delete them.

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