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Real-Time Visitor Tracking

The real-time visitor tracking feature shows you a live list of visitors on your website.

See additional information including geo-location, IP address, System Information and the webpages currently being viewed.

Time spent on website is also displayed. Premium users have the ability to invite visitors to chat.

Proactive Live Chat

Proactive Live chat messages allows you to automatically push targeted messages to your website visitors.

Trigger rule driven messages by time spent, page, visit type and various other parameters. Proactive messages guarantee increased engagement with your website visitors.

Customizable Live Chat widget

Chatnox allows you total flexibility to customize your live chat widget.

Driven by a live preview of your Chat-widget, Colors, position, avatars, language, fields, size etc can all be modified to suit your website preferences.

Take Chats on Mobile

With our IM integration with Trillian app on both iOS and Android, you can take chats on your mobile phone.

Stay connected on the move and never miss a chat with Chatnox IM integration with Trillian.

Offline Live Chat Messaging

Receive messages even when you are offline and logged off.

The offline messaging system automatically kicks in when all your operators are logged out. A form is automatically displayed to your website visitor and all requests are sent to you as an email message.

You also have an option to reply back directly from the Chatnox Offline Message Box.

Transfer Files & Attachments

Send and receive files during a chat. Use this feature to send quotes, brochures etc when your visitor requests you.

Add Social Networks

Add your Facebook and Twitter links to your Chatnox live chat widget. This allows your website visitors to like your Facebook page or follow you on Twitter.

Increase sales and offer instant support.
Start taking live chats on your website with our FREE Plan.

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More Live Chat Features

A Few More Features That Come Out of The Box!

Block Unwanted Chats

Live Chats can sometimes invite some unwanted chat requests that can be a waste of time. Simply type the short cut key ‘/block‘ in the chat window to permanently ban a visitor.

Canned Messages

Set-up quick access short cut keys for frequently used messages to save time and also allow consistent messaging protocol for greetings, etc.

Live Chat Transcripts

All your live chat-transcripts are stored indefinitely on your account and can be accessed by going to the Archives section of your Chatnox account. You can also forward them to your emails if needed.

Chat Typing Preview

Possibly the coolest feature around, you can now see what your website visitor is typing even before he/she hits the send button. This allows you to be prepared with answers spontaneously.

Get Geo-location Info

Geo-Location information is automatically populated in the Visitor information area during a live chat. You can see details such as, Location, System information, Page URL, Referral Page URL and IP address.

HTTPS Secured Live Chat

All chats and messages are secured over an HTTPS connection.

HTTPS and SSL come standard on all Chatnox accounts.

Live Chat Departments

Easily set-up various departments (eg : Sales, Support, Billing) and let Chatnox route the chats for you.

Operators can be added to specific departments to ensure they only get relevant live chats.

Live Chat Rating

Allow your visitors to rate your operators’ live chat performance. Keep a tab on your customer satisfaction index.

Chat visitors can simply rate clicking on the thumbs up and thumbs down icon.

Chat Transfers

The live chat transfer option allows your operators to transfer incoming chats between themselves.

Operators can accept or reject live chats optionally.

Increase sales and offer instant support.
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More Advanced Live Chat Features

When We Say Feature Packed Live Chat Software, We Mean It!

Chat Tags

Powerful Tagging feature allows you to categorize and tag your chats for quick references when you wish to access live chats.

Custom CSS

Premium Live chat accounts come with the ability to bring in your own CSS to apply custom styles to your live chat widget.

Custom Sounds

Assign your favorite tones for system notifications like new visitor on site, incoming chat request, chat timed-out and many more.

Desktop Notifications

Enabling the live chat desktop notification system ensures you do not miss any chats and are alerted by a flashing message even though you are not on the Chatnox browser tab.

Google Analytics Tracking

If you are using Google Analytics on your website, simply enable the Google Analytics Live chat tracking feature and Google Analytics will populate all Chatnox events for you.

Auto Translate

Language Translate feature powered by Google Translate allows you to define your default language and simply click on foreign chat messages  to be translated to your own language automatically.

Language Customization

Live chat widget comes with the ability to customize and edit all text to your own languages.

Advanced options also allow you to fine tune all system messages to your own desired language too.

Multiple Domain-Widgets

Use the Chatnox Live chat widget on multiple websites and take all chats from one place.

Custom CSS feature allows you to define each live chat widget individually for each of your website.

Time-Zone Preferences

The chat system runs on UTC time zone by default to support all customers world-wide.

You can set your default time-zone to get your chat transcripts and messages reflect your own time zone.

Increase sales and offer instant support.
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Customer Testimonials

We help thousands of businesses connect and make their customers happy everyday 🙂

“Our BEST marketing investment. We tripled our leads in a Quarter with Chatnox Live Chat!”

Nate Slavik, Indy Displays

“With Chatnox on our platform, our customer service rating improved by almost 40%!”


Director, INK4CAKES

“Using Chatnox, both our sales and customer service have risen to a whole new level.”

Mike Bundrant, INLP Center

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