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Live Chat Features

Feature Packed Live Chat Software.

Real-Time Visitor Tracking

The real-time visitor tracking feature shows you a live list of visitors on your website.

Proactive Triggers

Proactive triggered messages allows you to automatically push targeted messages to your website visitors.

Customizable Chat widget

Personalize your chat widget’s color, position, avatars, language, fields, size etc to match and blend with your website.

Take Chats on Mobile

With our IM integration with Trillian app on both iOS and Android, you can take chats on your mobile phone.

Offline Messaging

Receive messages by email even when you are offline and logged off.

Transfer Files

Send and receive files during a chat. Use this feature to send quotes, brochures etc when your visitor requests you.

Customer Testimonials

We help thousands of businesses connect and make their customers happy everyday.

Live Chat is Convenient

It’s instant. Customers wont need to wait on calls or write emails to get help.

Live Chat Increases Sales

Customers have questions prior to making purchases. Live chat helps close in on sales by being there for the customer.

Stay on Top of Competition

It provides a simple way to connect with your customers. Customers prefer companies that offer live chat assistance.

“Our BEST marketing investment. We tripled our leads in a Quarter with Chatnox!”

Nate Slavik, Indy Displays

“With Chatnox on our platform, our customer service rating improved by almost 40%!”


Director, INK4CAKES

“Using Chatnox, both our sales and customer service have risen to a whole new level.”

Mike Bundrant, INLP Center

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